Ok y’all hope this post does Not offend any one, but if it does? … Suck it :)!! I see a lot of things here but butts are what make you do a double take. For me though? I just take photos of them. (shamelessly).. I have many more saved for my collage ! stay tuned!!! Can you guess which one is which?? Holler at me 🙂

Collin and Richard Appreciation Day!!

Made up by me !! Martie !! 🙂 So all of y’all know Richard and Collin are major helpers at the shop. They make shit tight and run smoothly.. Just wanted to let you guys know you make everyone sooooo happy!! I love you turds! Here are some photos of them I had in my phone!!

Patches are in !!!

They look really cool on a denim jacket. They are tough as hell!  Im stoked I get to rock this all winter. Fall is coming you guys! Time to get hip:)