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Stephen Carballo

He guest spotted here for a few days and did some real fun tattoos. They are on the site and instagram for your personal viewing ! Here is a photo of him and Jason Kelly in front of the shop. Save travels bud!!

Tai is home!

He is taking appointments now ! Come hit him up for a groovy tattoo. Im really happy he is back and Im super stoked to get to write about him! Welcome home dude! We freaking love you. Very stoked to have you brother!! Welcome home!!!

Brett we miss you!

Brett has been out of town for a few weeks but he will be back soon! Without this goofball at the shop its less practical joke time, but we still have stories for days to make us smile. We love you buddy!!! This was from a few weeks ago before he left. As you can […]

Race Dylan

This guy is one of our most frequent guests that come into town. He works at Copperhead tattoo in downtown Houma Louisiana. He stays for a while and livens the place up when he comes. Race is really funny and does amazing tattoos. Whats not to like? He will be here till Aug.18th, so catch […]

Inside Dad jokes

Hey guys Martie here!!! As you know Ive been doing blog stuff for Live Free Tattoo since April. Ive been having a blast with all these amazing people. Recently we have been having epic pool parties at Rex’s house. Btw… Thanks Rex YOU RULE!! Getting to the point of this post now I swear. One […]

Cori James

Cori is vey active in the bike community. She got first place in her age group the other day. She kicked so much ass that day. You go girl!!! She has a lot of hobbies that include running marathons, hiking, and cats! She loves animals and she has a huge heart for them. You guys […]

Boogie Trip Goods

Alan Berg does a lot more than tattoo. He is a dad and almost a husband, but he also makes custom jewelry. He has some really cool things at the shop for sale right now. Also!! he can create something special for you if you have something in mind. I think its really cool to […]

My Boyfriends

Step right up folks and welcome to Sunday nights after work. I just started working sunday nights at Live Free and its pretty fun. ( Sunday Fun day) Thats Brett on the left Richard on the right. These damn clowns are really cute aren’t they? I decided to post this picture of how ironic they […]