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ThUnDeR AlleY

This is Richie (Richard) ! Hey boy!! This is an inside joke we have for our back alley. This is something special for us. Kyle Brooks  is one of our rad, amazing artist who paints the shop front. We have a bunch of stuff for our own collections as well. Its become like home here […]

Beautiful Blayne Bius

This is one of my personal favorite ladies! She is funny,charming and tons of fun to be around. She is an amazing artist and a loyal pal. Here is a photo of here from customer appreciation day. I just love her and wanted to share with y’all her lovely grace. Sooo you are welcome!!! Oh!!! […]

New Year Y’all

Very excited about this new year guys! Even though it wasn’t the best to some. Here are some awesome times we have had last year. Thanks everyone who ruled! Keep ruling on!

Customer appreciation day was a success!

Happy Friday y’all !!! Check out some of the photos taken for our scrap book. Looking good guys ! This is just a sneak peak of some of the babes that will be in this book coming out very soon! Thanks again for you guys being awesome and coming in to get tattooed. We absolutely […]


These party animals featured Ben Butts, Brett Pundt, Alan Berg. We had a huge party last week and for those who attended THANK YOU guys! We love all of our new friends that come and hang out! Its you guys that make this place such a fun place to be at. We always have guest […]


Ok y’all hope this post does Not offend any one, but if it does? … Suck it :)!! I see a lot of things here but butts are what make you do a double take. For me though? I just take photos of them. (shamelessly).. I have many more saved for my collage ! stay […]

Collin and Richard Appreciation Day!!

Made up by me !! Martie !! 🙂 So all of y’all know Richard and Collin are major helpers at the shop. They make shit tight and run smoothly.. Just wanted to let you guys know you make everyone sooooo happy!! I love you turds! Here are some photos of them I had in my […]

Kyle Brooks

Kyle is a local artist here in Atlanta. He painted the shops front and added some cool things on it today. He is a real cool dude and his art is really rad. Im glad i got to meet you. Ive seen his art around Atlanta for a while, so its cool to meet the […]

Support local babes!

William B. Mitchell is one of our homies ! He does a lot of signs and art for us, but not just for us. He does a bunch of signs for our local community. Which to me is very important everyone supports local. We love him as part of our family. Thanks dude for all […]