Art is my everything. I am driven by a hunger for passion, and an endless appreciation for the beauty of the world (in art, nature, spirit, poetry, friendships, and all else)!
I first began tattooing in 2010 at BLNDSGHT Dermal Apothecary, in Portland Maine, apprenticing with Atlanta-native Watson Atkinson.To be a tattooer is truly a gift. I will forever be dutiful and grateful for what it has given me and wherever it guides me. I see tattooing as not only an art form, but as a meditation, a medicine, and a mechanism for change and transformation in our lives. In my art, I draw inspiration from mystic symbolism, sacred geometrics, mythology, fantasy, and magical thought. In my tattooing I strive to connect with each person’s own rich personal symbolism, and an authentic voice specific to their own beliefs and inspirations. I believe we are all creatures of limitless potential and power and enjoy nothing more than connecting with others in the act of creation and expression. Let’s have some fun, and make some tattoos!