I was born and raised just outside of Atlanta, and have been creating in some form or another for as long as I can remember.  Much of my childhood was spent in a metal shop, where my father had me painting, welding and machining as soon as I was able to reach or hold a tool.  He instilled a deep emphasis on respecting the quality of your own work, half-assing anything was never an option, no matter how minute the detail.  Skateboarding led me to art and rebellious behavior, where I found my earliest exposure to tattoos.  I went on to study fine art and industrial design at the Savannah college of Art & Design, spent more time getting tattooed, and along the way fell in love with tattooing and it’s history.

I headed west in 96, and found an “apprenticeship” at a seedy biker shop near Portland, Oregon.  It was low in art-ability and high on fuck-you attitude, but I feel I was lucky to have caught the tail end of an era where making your own supplies and understanding your tools was still a valued skill. I took what I had learned there, both in how, and how not to do things, and moved to Los Angeles in January of 2000.

In LA I met long time friend and mentor Kevin Hinton, who offered not only technical insight, but taught me the true art of bedside manner and customer service.  Tattooing should never be a frightening experience, it should be fun, exciting, celebratory, and as comfortable as possible for the client. A tattoo marks a moment in life and will always be remembered, as will the experience. It’s not only our job to give you a great tattoo, but to make it a great memory.  Nobody wants to look down at their tattoo and remember the asshole who made it.  I worked along side Kevin at his two shops Old Glory and Riptide until 2012, followed by a stint at Alchemy Tattoo in Silverlake.

My wife and I returned to Atlanta in 2014,  where I’m proud to spend some time working with the good folks at Live Free.  It’s always an honor to work with a talented crew that cares about their craft and their clients, and everyone at Live Free holds that to high standards.

My main interests lie in the American Traditional style, and preserving the feel and iconography of the last American folk art. Modern renditions of classic designs that have stood the test of time and woven themselves into the fabric of the American people. I enjoy both full color and black work.  I keep many designs ready for walk-ins or appointment tattooing, and I’m always happy to discuss your idea with you. I also do custom work and am comfortable in a variety of styles, or can kindly recommend another talented artist who may better suit your idea.

Stoney said it as well as it will ever be said-

“I am in the business of rendering a service to this community for the the small group of people who choose to have their bodies decorated in some way or another. I choose to pursue my profession with intelligence and skill, wishing not to offend anyone, but instead, with my love of mankind, to do what good I can before I die.“ ~Leonard L. St. Clair, Tattooist of the Old School, since 1928.

Thank you for your interest, feel free to contact me directly or through the shop for availability.

Rex Holloway