Was’up Ya’ll. I’m Race Dylan!

As the newest member of Live Free, I just have to say how stoked I am to be here and to be back in Atlanta!

I grew up on the bayous of South Louisiana. Where you were either workin’ on an oil rig or hustilin’ seafood. But somehow my life always involved ART. If I wasn’t drawing or painting, my hands were always ‘Making’ something. I knew I wanted to tattoo at a young age. I would work odd jobs for my grandma and use that money to buy tattoo magazines- I probably still have some of them. But in 2007, I finally found someone to teach me the craft. Not having much to my name- my adolescent self took a leap of faith. I had no idea what a truly amazing adventure was about to begin. I have been able to travel the country for conventions and guest spots. Each opportunity adding to my experience not only as a tattooer but as person. I firmly believe in “what you see is what you get” and I try to bring a genuine approach to all my tattoos. I take pride in creating custom pieces with you from start to finish or hanging out while you get a little souvenir tattoo. I enjoy making tattoos that are Bright and Bold-  where you can tell what it is, even if you are across the street. Traditional tattooing is my favorite and in my opinion the most effective way to achieve that look. Whether it be Traditional Japanese, Americana or Black and Grey.

The south is where I belong and i’m happy I get to be surrounded by such talented and genuinely amazing people. People that not only inspire me but became my friends and family.

Let’s talk ideas and see how we can inspire each other. Contact me through the shop website or i’m always happy to talk if you want to swing by the shop. I look forward to meeting ya’ll!


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