Hello, my name is Filimon Miguel Olascuaga. I started tattooing in January of 2001 at Black Cat Tattoo, Panama City Beach, Fl. I was taught the ways of tattooing by Albee Heis, and I will always be thankful for the opportunity he gave to me and the career that has followed. I look at tattoos pretty much the way I look at all my favorite things in life, with nostalgia. Antiques, music, cars, instruments, and movies, when I look at a tattoo I want it make me feel the way all of those things do, from a time and era that captivates me.

When approaching a tattoo I feel there are certain tools for every person and their piece of art, saying this, I mean that every tattoo has to fit that person and their personality. My favorite way of tattooing and painting are based off of Americana, Folk Art and Traditional. By no means am I handicapped by my passions and taste in art, I am more than capable and willing to do the tattoo that you want with no qualms. I suggest a way and style that will be timeless, and a way that can be tattooed with out damaging the integrity of the design at hand, and its importance to the individual receiving it.

I am a person of many words and punch lines that are said without warning; however, I pride myself in being a gentleman and creating a relationship with all my clients. I love what I get to do for a living and being able to support my lifestyle and travels, I am humbled by those who trust me with their tattoo and without all of these great people who walk through that door every day, I wouldn’t have what I have with out them. Thank you.

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