Born and raised in Atlanta, MariVanda spent most of her time exploring nature, building forts, creating art and compulsively flipping through books about animals, islands, or MC Escher. At the end of schooling, her inner wild child overcame her sole aspiration of becoming a dolphin trainer; she traded that dream for travel.

At 21, she began apprenticing at Sacred Heart Tattoo. Now at 29 she is lovingly tattooing Atlantans and travelers, here at Live Free Tattoo.

“My designs are based off nature, my environment and surroundings, people and the planet, the universe, and personal experiences. I’m inspired by Appalachian books, the natural world, recycling, stained glass, 70s decor and spirit, the early and mid days of biker culture, acid, mushrooms, and all-encompassing positivity. I enjoy tattooing a variety of subject matter, but especially mushrooms and frogs in any style. I’m always up for a whacky challenging idea.”

Come by and let MariVanda externally embellish you inner drives and dreams, project and materialize your soul imagery, and tell your story on your skin.

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