My name is Javier Rivera. Tattooing found me over a decade ago, in my sleepy hometown of Lewes, Delaware. Relatively naive, at the time, all things tattoo ended up consuming me and still do to this day. Tattooing has gifted me many opportunities, including my latest move joining the crew here at Live Free. Being a traveler at heart, I have spent the past 11 years of my life tattooing in cities such at Philadelphia PA, Austin Tx, and of course good ol’ Atlanta GA!

My tattooing is more on the illustrated side, but with definite traditional values. My goal is to instill time and honor into every tattoo I do. I find inspiration and joy from eras past, the natural world, the esoteric, and all life experiences. From 1950’s advertisements to the way a cobweb forms in a dusty corner. From art deco architecture to the panel lay out of a favorite comic. I draw my influence from all corners of the visual world. Like the tattoos I hope to create for you, I also hope to create a well tailored experience. I believe tattooing can create a unique bond between two people.

I keep an open mind and try to be as versatile as possible. I’m truly humbled, honored, and forever thankful for all that tattooing has afforded me. But possibly, even more importantly, I am thankful for all those who choose to get tattooed by me. In return I offer an open and guiding hand to understanding and achieving the tattoo you desire. Thanks you for your interest, and hopefully I see you soon!