My name is Jason Smalley
Everyone calls me “J”
I was born and raised right here in Atlanta Ga. riding skateboards and listening to punk rock.
I got my love for tattooing from my fathers military friends they all had cool tattoos and I knew I wanted some. Oddly enough my dad hated tattoos and told me to never get any!
But the summer of 1989 at a shop in Roswell Ga I finally got one.
The lady only said three things to me the whole time.
“What do you want?”
“Sit still!”
And “Gimmie $50.00!”
She smoked a cigarette the whole time and didn’t wear gloves. And I was hooked.
I was lucky to apprentice under my dear friend Dave Kruseman in Atlanta and learned the right way before cell phones almost completely replaced the wall flash.
Tradition imagery is my favorite.
But I enjoy every aspect of tattooing and would be happy to tattoo anything that I’m capable of.
Tattooing has given me a freedom to travel all over the country and a family and life I once thought was impossible to have. It’s also saved me many time from myself.
I spend my free time painting and hanging out with my children.
Ok, love you bye!