For as long as I can resmember, I’ve always been captured by the raw power of tattoos. After spending the past 7 years soaking up as much as possible from the amazing people here at Live Free, I continue to learn every day. I enjoy every style of tattooing and I’m anxious to make your tattoo ideas a reality. I’m excited to take on any and every new project, and I look forward to making a fine tuned design from all of your ideas!

I strive to give each client a unique and fulfilling experience, carefully tailored to their individual needs and ideas. I try my best to be versatile. I supply my clients with tattoos that will make them happy both immediately, and for years to come. I am a forever student of tattooing. I will consistently push the boundaries of my work, and try to create a comfortable environment for everyone that would like to endure the gratifying process of receiving a tattoo.