Hi! My name is Alangil “Alan” Berg. 2008 is the year I started tattooing after apprenticing under my mentor Mike Lemay. With a fever for knowledge and travels, I moved around quite a bit searching for adventure in ways, to create tattoos and art that honors those before us. That brought me to tattoo in the mountains of North Georgia for a few years till it was time again to hit the road. I left my home and everything safe, thus opening a door to the unknown which ultimately led me here to work with this great crew of amazing tattooers.

The tattoos I create stem from the roots of traditional American tattooing while veering off into their own paths. I am heavily influenced by the people in certain eras of time, the old school tattooers, the bikers of the 60’s, the natives and pioneers of this and other great lands, the sailors and warriors of the sea. Timeless deeply rooted images that are inspired by the history of our great past. The art from various mediums and styles, fragments of cultures, ways of life, a glimpse of a moment forever engrained from experiences or dreams. Whether it be symbolized by the rawness of life, renegade bikers haulin’ ass, wild animals and frontiers, ramblin women, written words, geometric patterns, as well as darker un-sugarcoated reflections. They speak the language of wild and free, fine and bold, powerful delicate images.

The use of black pigment is very prominent in the way I tattoo. It is a strong color, used in the first forms of art from cave paintings and scrimshaw engravings to tattoos and printmaking. To me, it’s the most important color, though I use it a lot I’m not cornered into only doing black work tattoos. I happily use the other colors of the spectrum if need be.

While having the trust of my clients and ideas fully respected, I try my best to apply a sense of personality to fit the wearer as would a taylor fitting a custom garment with any tattoo that I take on, no matter the size, subject matter, or how complex the piece may be. To me, a great bond is made with every person I tattoo. Without you folks getting tattooed none of this would be able to happen. In the end the tattoo idea you and I have created leaves with you, from me, on your skin to last till times end. Hope to see y’all sooner than later.

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