Kyle Brooks

Kyle is a local artist here in Atlanta. He painted the shops front and added some cool things on it today. He is a real cool dude and his art is really rad. Im glad i got to meet you. Ive seen his art around Atlanta for a while, so its cool to meet the face to the art i admire. Thanks for being groovy!! Till next time y’all!! Support your local artist!!!! Follow him on Instagram BlackCatTips 🙂

Support local babes!

William B. Mitchell is one of our homies ! He does a lot of signs and art for us, but not just for us. He does a bunch of signs for our local community. Which to me is very important everyone supports local. We love him as part of our family. Thanks dude for all the cool art and laughs. Here is a photo i stole from his instagram. Go give him a follow, or his sign company Squared away signs! Thanks y’all !!!