Friday endless summer

Its another Friday filled with so much going on. Everyone is tattooing or painting. Its been a great day! Come by and hang out with us.

Brett we miss you!

Brett has been out of town for a few weeks but he will be back soon! Without this goofball at the shop its less practical joke time, but we still have stories for days to make us smile. We love you buddy!!! This was from a few weeks ago before he left. As you can see Brett is down for anything. I got to admit he is one of my favorite humans ever!!

Race Dylan

This guy is one of our most frequent guests that come into town. He works at Copperhead tattoo in downtown Houma Louisiana. He stays for a while and livens the place up when he comes. Race is really funny and does amazing tattoos. Whats not to like? He will be here till Aug.18th, so catch him while he is here. I really love this outfit he has on.